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Derek W Frost Art and Statues

Archangel Gabriel Bronze Statue by Derek W Frost

Gabriel is the Angel of annunciation, resurrection, mercy, vengeance, death..


Archangel Raquel Bronze Statue

Raquel or Raguel is the Archangel of Justice who's name means "Friend of Go..


Archangel St Michael Bronze Statue by Derek W Frost

Michael ranks as the greatest of all Angels whether in Jewish, Christian or..


Archangel St Michael Large Bronze Statue

Michael ranks as the greatest of all Angels whether in Jewish, Christian or..


Black Knight Statue

This cold cast resin statue is beautifully detailed in his armor, horned he..


Danu Bronze Celtic Goddess Statue by Derek Frost

Danu is thought to be the great mother of the race of the Tuatha De Danaan,..


Fenrir Werewolf Statue

Fiercely protective, this Fenrir Werewolf is finely detailed from every fan..


Frigga Norse Goddess Bronze Statue

In Norse Mythology, Frigg or Frigga is the Queen of the Gods - wife of Odin..


King Neptune Grotto Statue by Derek W Frost

This striking cold cast bronze resin statue by artist Derek W Frost depicts..


Odin on Horseback Norse God Bronze Statue

Odin, the King of the Norse Gods, is resplendent on his horse with his ligh..


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